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Established in Feb 2014, we are a reputable dynamic company and staffed by professionals with hands on experience. First hand contact with its customers, enables RAJ Enterprises to best understand their needs, and provide the most effective solutions. Right from the beginning the company always focused on innovative approach while selecting the product with highest quality and reliability.

The success of our company is attributed to the level of customer service that we provide and the quality of the work we perform. Paying close attention to the needs of our customers has been the foundation of forming great relationships while earning future business opportunities. With this mind, our entire team takes an active role in each and every project we complete, from the initial site survey to the delivery of test and “as-built” documentation, our company is focused on making sure our customers’ needs are not only met, but exceeded.

Our Vision


RAJ Enterprises not only offers the finest equipment available but also designed to achieve a cost effective approach to current and future needs of customers. We act as owners; each of us is responsible for solving our business challenges. We expect our colleagues to care for each other, to create an engaging work environment and to communicate honestly. We share an unrelenting drive to succeed, a propensity to make bold moves and a commitment to our values. Speed is critical to our success, so our teams move fast. Our business demands that our teams know the boundaries. We combine speed with the strength of our partners to succeed.

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